4 Little Known Hacks to Build Your Brand in 2022

Digital Brand Building

First thing first, what is a Brand?

A brand is a way or method of marketing that enables your customers to recognize you, your product/services, or your company.

What makes a brand last?

It’s essential to understand what makes a brand successful long-term and what makes it ultimately obsolete. Many companies invest significant resources into defining their brands. However, few ask the equally important question: how can they keep it that way?

A key factor in making brands less durable in this digital age is that consumer habits have changed, which has created new business models that many brands failed to use. Digital lifestyles, however, are not hostile to legacy brands.

Now the question arises, what makes a brand durable even though everything keeps on changing? What makes them stand firm even as business models, technology, and consumer behavior radically change? The answer is Adaptability. They change their marketing strategies to cope up with the change.

How do they do it?

Let me tell you 4 little known ways to build your brand and keep it for the longer run:

  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Visibility
  • Connect with your customers
  • Customer Engagement

Let’s understand these in detail and how you can make best of use of these strategies:

Rewards and Recognition: Let’s face it, even though you have the best product/service in the market and have mind-blowing customer service, your customers will always ask you this question: “What’s in it for me?” They may have hundreds, if not thousands of options in the market with the same product/service as yours, then why should they choose you?
Give your consumers some rewards (non-transferable) for using your products/services. It can be a freebie, public display, special discount or offers, or early access to your

Visibility: Make your product/services readily available to as many consumers as possible. You can do it by following these 3 steps:

  • Make your basic products as cheap as you can (or free). You can also use different pricing models (such as installments, leases, or monthly/annual subscriptions) to minimize upfront costs.
  • Try to use as many sales channels as possible to distribute your product/services.
  • Customize your marketing strategy to grab the attention of younger and first-time users. This will increase your customer database which you can use to remarket your product/service.

Connect with your customers: Creating multiple touchpoints with your customers or users increases the chances to get conversions/sales. Here’s what you can do:

  • Try to release new products (or product updates).
  • Use marketing platforms to promote your products/services.
  • Accept your failures. If something went wrong with your product and you know it, start talking about it publicly and provide solutions. This will help your users to trust you even more. If someone is using your product/service, they expect complete transparency. Give them that, they deserve it.

Customer Engagement: You want people to buy your product/service, show them how your existing customers are using it. Encourage your customers to share feedback, images, or videos while using your product/service and display it on your website. This increases awareness and trust for your product/services. Launch a contest, poll, or early access so that your users can participate and engage your product/services

Conclusion: These hacks or strategies are the base of every brand building model. You can apply these strategies with your Social Media branding or with your Pay-Per-Click strategy. I hope this will help you with building a long-lasting brand.

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Happy Marketing!