Best WordPress Plugins 2022

10 Best WordPress Plugins for 2022

best wordpress plugin for 2022

There is no doubt that WordPress is the world’s most widely used CMS (content management system) to build websites. Due to it’s flexibility and ease of use, most people choose WordPress for their website. It requires little to no knowledge of coding to create fully functional and responsive websites. Due to this, almost everyone can build their website. That’s why it became imperative to stand out and make the most of it. Let me share the list of 10 best WordPress plugins which, I think, is essential and can really help you with creating a fully functional and responsive website

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these plugin developers. You can choose any other plugin of your choice. I will also provide some alternatives for you to try.

With that being said, here’s the list.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Wpforms
  3. Elementor
  4. GDPR cookie consent
  5. Loginizer security
  6. Sucuri
  7. Wp rocket
  8. All-in-one WP migration
  9. Site kit by Google
  10. Insert headers and footers by WPbeginner

Yoast SEO:  Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines since its inception. This is the most widely used and popular plugin for WordPress. I have been using this plugin for years and it has given some mind-blowing results.

You can get by clicking here or by visiting directly.

Alternatives: Rank Math SEOSEOPress, All in one SEO

Wpforms: With 5+ million installations, 4.9 star rating and regular updates. Stats says all about this plugin. This is one of the most popular and most downloaded plugins for contact form with multiple customization options (mostly available in paid version). If you are new to WordPress and need a reliable contact form plugin, this one is a must try.

Click here to get WPform or visit directly.

Alternatives: Contact form 7, Forminator, NinjaForms, Calculated field form

Elementor: This leading website and page builder is faster and provides live design with only one limitation- your imagination. It provides 100+ template designs, 40+ widgets and responsive mode that help you to customize website design for mobile devices. Give it a try and I assure you, you will love it.

Get Elementor

Alternatives: Classic Editor, Gutenberg, Beaver builder

CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice (CCPA Ready): This plugin will assist you in making your website GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO) and CCPA compliant. The best part of this plugin is that you can customize this plugin just like your website. It is easy to use and set up. I think it is best for all types of users, beginners and experienced.

Get CookiesYes

Alternatives: Complianz, Cookie Notice, CookieBot

Loginizer Security: I have been using this plugin for years and it didn’t disappointed once. This plugin has more than 1 million active users with 4.8 stars out of 5, is a must try.

Get Loginizer

Alternatives: Wp Limit Login Attempts, WP Cerber Security, Anti-Spam & Malware Scan, Miniorange Google Authenticator

Sucuri: This is plugin is a free to use to for all the WordPress users. It provide malware scanning, blocklist monitoring, security auditing and many more.

Get Sucuri

Alternatives: Limit Login Attempts Reloaded, MalCare Security

WP Rocket: When it comes to your SEO performance and the experience of your site visitors, a powerful caching plugin is a must-have add-on for passing the Core Web Vitals and achieving excellent PageSpeed scores. WP Rocket serves the same purpose in a very efficient way. The best part is, it is compatible with most of the WordPress themes and plugins.

Get WP Rocket

Alternatives: Imagify, Lazy Load, Asset CleanUp

All-in-One WP migration: The plugin has been extensively tested and confirmed to be compatible with most WordPress plugins and themes.
All-in-One WP Migration avoids cross-plugins compatibility issues that can slow down, bug, or break down your WordPress website when you install it and use it.

Get All-in-One WP migration

Site kit by Google: Google Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for gaining insight into how people find and interact with your site. An all-in-one solution to deploy, manage, and gain insight from critical Google tools to make a website successful on the web. WordPress users get free, authoritative insights directly on the dashboard of multiple Google products, all in one place.

Get Site kit by Google

Alternatives: Advanced Ads, Ad Inserter

Insert headers and footers by WPbeginner: This plugin allows you to insert code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, and more to the header and footer of your WordPress site.
Instead of handling dozens of different plugins, the Insert Headers and Footers plugin offer a simple interface where you can insert HTML/CSS codes.

Get Insert headers and footers by WPbeginner

Alternatives: Insert header and footers by WP Brigade, Insert headers and footers by Has Themes, Woody Code Snippets

Conclusion: WordPress offers 1000+ themes and plugins and one have many choices to choose from. This list is the one that I use for me and my clients and results are awesome. You can also create your list of plugins and themes that you are comfortable with. I hope this list help you with all your website customization and functionality.

Happy marketing!