Embrace Orthodontics

Dr. Li is a Board-Certified Orthodontist in Ann Arbor, MI. She is highly experienced and trained in orthodontic specialty. She needed more patients inquiries, here’s how we helped her.

About Embrace Orthodontics

Owned by Dr. Yina Li, Embrace Orthodontics provide caring and healthy environment to it’s patients. They use latest technologies to give their patients best services. Their well trained staff makes their patient’s experience more beautiful. 


  • PPC ads
  • SEO strategy
  • Website optimization

The Challenge

Dr. Yina li is a highly experienced orthodontist and provide best care to her patients. She wanted to convey this to her patients using PPC ads but was not able to do so. She was not getting enough clicks and conversions even after putting money in her campaign. After reviewing her ads, we found that her campaign was not targeted according to her niche and keywords are all over the place.

The Business Impact

We helped Dr. Li with reconfiguring her campaigns, creating relevant ads and keyword research. We also provided best practices to make website more efficient and SEO friendly. After we started working with them, she observed increase in number of clicks from paid ads. This increase in traffic started giving her conversions in the form of calls and form submissions.  

  • Increase in website traffic via paid ads by 203%
  • Increase in Conversions by 135%
  • Bounce rate reduced from 16% to 9%