Nanny Network LLC, Best in the business

Being in this business for 25 years, they needed something more than regular digital marketing strategies. Take a look how we helped this business to get more website traffic and conversions via PPC ads and SEO strategies.

About Nanny network, LLC

The Nanny Network, LLC is celebrating 25 years in business as an independent child care staffing agency. The company has a long, successful track record matching experienced nannies with families and is proud of its long-standing relationships within the community.


  • PPC ads
  • SEO strategy
  • Website optimization

The Challenge

Being in this business for 25 years and highly competitive market, they need more than just the regular marketing strategies. In order to get more conversions, they needed relevant traffic on the website through PPC ads. We helped them with keyword research and optimize their ads according to the market trends. Since they have a very specific niche, we also helped them with regular website optimizations to improve their bounce rate and user average time on the website.

The Business Impact

After we started working with them, they observed increase in website visitors from organic traffic as well as paid ads which ultimately gave them more leads via website and calls.

  • Increase in organic traffic by 183%
  • Increase in Conversions by 110%
  • Bounce rate reduced from 12% to 7%